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SUP – Standup Paddle Board in Itoshima

Marine sports enthusiasts in Fukuoka have a wealth of options to choose from. Whether you’re into yachting in Hakata Bay or prefer surfing and windsurfing on the area’s pristine beaches, there’s something for everyone. Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), one of the fastest-growing marine sports worldwide, has carved out a special niche in Itoshima. The area offers a broad range of SUP experiences, from flatwater paddling and SUP surfing to the increasingly popular SUP fishing.

SUP in Itoshima

Easy to learn and accessible for all ages, SUP is not just an affordable and fun way to stay fit; it’s also much more than mere marine leisure. As you hone your skills, you can paddle along the shoreline from beach to beach, venture out to nearby islands, or even try catching some waves.

Keep in mind that SUP is an open-sea activity and can be subject to unpredictable changes in wind, current, and tides. Safety should always be your top priority.


For beginners or those with some prior experience, we highly recommend taking lessons at one of the shops we’ve listed below. Most newcomers will find their sea legs and stand up on the board within the first hour, gaining essential techniques that will help them paddle more confidently, quickly, and efficiently. For the more experienced, SUP surfing lessons are also on offer.

This guide features three rental shops in Itoshima where you can find everything you’ll need for a SUP outing: a board, paddle, leash, and life jacket are typically included in the rental fee.

Each area has its own unique conditions: some are best for flatwater SUP, others are more suited for SUP surfing, and some locations offer both. Wherever you decide to go, please respect the local community. Use designated parking areas, refrain from littering, and avoid interfering with other marine activities, especially those of local fishing boats. Let’s do our part to keep Itoshima beautiful!

Itoshima is an ideal location for both flatwater and wave-riding SUP activities. Below, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite spots. However, please note that SUP is not allowed at Terayama Beach, Nobe Beach, and Kishi. Additionally, always keep clear of fishing ports as well as oyster farming rafts.

– Inherent Risks: The areas recommended are based on our experience; however, be aware that SUPing in open seas carries inherent risks.

– Pre-Check Conditions: Always carefully assess conditions in advance, including wind, current speed and direction, tides, and the likelihood of lightning. Keep in mind that a location’s suitability can vary significantly depending on the season and current weather.

– Beginner Precautions: Beginners should stay close to shore and paddle with someone experienced. Never paddle alone.

– SUP Styles: Some locations are suitable for flatwater SUP, some for SUP surfing, and others may offer both options depending on current conditions.

– Parking: Parking might be limited. Only park in designated parking areas.

SUP Rental Shops

Ohana Camp & BBQ (Nogita Beach)

Ohana may primarily function as a campground, but its unique location in front of Nogita’s popular surf point and beautiful natural sandy beach in Itoshima sets it apart. The owner, Yoshiro Hanada, is not just a competitive surfer but also an organizer of local surf events. For him, surfing and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) are more than just hobbies; they are his life’s passion. When you engage with Ohana, you’re not merely renting gear; you’re receiving guidance from true professionals. Yoshiro doesn’t speak much English, but he’s a seasoned instructor and he certainly speaks SUP and SURF fluently, so communication won’t be a problem!

The equipment is of high quality and superbly maintained. After measuring you, the staff will provide gear tailored to your size. Lessons start indoors, where it’s easier for beginners to grasp the fundamentals of stance, paddling, and other useful techniques. By mastering these basics in a controlled setting, you’ll be able to stand up on the board more quickly once you’re in the water. Lessons are capped at four participants, allowing for a more personalized experience. The beach is just steps away from Ohana’s base camp, and access to showers, changing rooms, and free parking is included in the package.

SUP in Itoshima

Lessons: ¥5,000 for 2 hours, which includes 30 minutes of on-land instruction followed by 40 to 50 minutes of water time. Lessons are offered daily at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., and can accommodate 1 to 4 people.

SUP Rental: ¥2,000 for 2 hours, which includes a board, paddle, leash cord, and life jacket.

Access / info:
Address: 2461-2 Shima-nogita, Itoshima City, Fukuoka
Tel: 092-327-1117
Open: 11:00 ~ 17:00
Closed: Irregular

SUP in Itoshima

SUP in Itoshima

Itoshima Surf Center TF Surfboards Australia (Oguchi Beach)

Situated in front of Ogichi Beach, one of Itoshima’s prime surf spots, the Itoshima Surf Center has been a cornerstone of the local surfing community for over 30 years. Owned and operated by Shuho and Junko Hirakawa, both surf and SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) professionals, this center offers far more than just board rentals.

If you’re in need of a lesson, you’ll be in excellent hands with these seasoned experts. Those simply looking for board rentals will find a wide selection of sizes and shapes to choose from, with the center’s inventory featuring around eight different options. Rental packages come complete with lightweight adjustable paddles, a life jacket, leash, and even access to showers and free parking. To make things even easier, the Hirakawas transport boards to and from the shore by truck.

While advance reservations are not available, it’s advisable to call ahead and inquire about current conditions before making the trip. Oguchi Beach is a hotspot for SUP surfing, and on calm days, it also offers ideal conditions for flatwater paddling. During the summer, Junko hosts magical SUP Yoga sessions at sunset.

While the Hirakawas are not fluent in English, their warm smiles and years of expertise make everyone feel welcome, even if you don’t speak Japanese. Highly recommended for anyone looking to dive into Itoshima’s vibrant surf and SUP scene.

SUP in Itoshima

SUP Rental: Includes paddle, leash cord, and life jacket. ¥4,000 for 2 hours.
SUP Lesson (Apr. ~ Sep.) : 1.5 hours total, comprising 30 minutes of instruction followed by 1 hour of free paddling time. ¥5,000 (rental fee included).
Parking: Free
Reservations: Not offered. Instead, call before heading out for condition checks and availability.
Boards: About eight are available in various sizes and shapes, both soft and hard.

Access / info:
Address: 4420-7 Shima-sakurai, Itoshima City, Fukuoka
Tel: 092-327-4357, Mobile: 090-4518-4289 (Shuho Hirakawa)

Open: 10 am ~ sunset
Closed: Irregular Days Off. Please note that the shop may be temporarily closed for wave checks, lessons, or when the surf is too good to resist! We apologize for any inconvenience our unpredictable schedule may cause.

SUP in Itoshima

SUP in Itoshima

Western Marin (Dainyu, Nijo)

Western Marin, located in Dainyu, Nijo, serves as a one-stop destination for fans of casual marine sports. While SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) isn’t their primary focus, they do have five boards for rent. The marina’s nearby calm and quiet waters make it an ideal location for SUP beginners. For those in your group who might not be interested in SUP, Western Marin also provides a variety of other activities, including glass-bottom kayaks, single and tandem kayaks, water cycles, water mats, and even jet-ski-towed inflatables. The facility is well-equipped with changing rooms, showers, and toilets. Accessibility is convenient, as Western Marin is situated just a 10-minute walk from JR Dainyu Station.

SUP in Itoshima

SUP Rental: 2 hr / ¥3,300 (5 boards available)

Access / info:
Address: 2503-10 Nijo-fukui, Itoshima City, Fukuoka
Tel: 080-4317-1356
Open: 11:00~19:00, 9:00~ for marine rentals until the end of Sep.
Closed: Tue.

SUP in Itoshima

SUP in Itoshima

Where to SUP

Oguchi / 大口海岸
Located just a few minutes west of Sunset Road, near the famous Meoto Iwa (Husband and Wife Rocks) along Futamigaura Beach, Oguchi Beach is renowned as one of Fukuoka’s premier surfing destinations. It earns a spot on our list of SUP areas primarily for advanced paddlers who relish the challenge of SUP surfing. The beach is also home to “Itoshima Surf Center TF Surfboards Australia,” a SUP rental shop that we highly recommend. While flatwater paddling is an option on calm days, Oguchi Beach is truly a haven for wave enthusiasts, attracting people for both its big and small waves. Map:

Cautionary Note: Signposts warning of dangerous riptides are present at this beach. These riptides can pull swimmers, surfers, SUP users, and operators of all kinds of watercraft dangerously out to sea under certain conditions. As such, this beach is recommended only for experienced and advanced paddlers.

SUP in Itoshima

SUP in Itoshima

Nogita Beach / 野北海岸
Nogita Beach is well-known for its surfing, often featuring sizable waves. However, on calmer days, it’s an ideal spot for stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). Nearby, you’ll find Watarijima, a collection of rocks accessible by foot at low tide, which adds a scenic backdrop to your SUP experience. The area is home to Ohana Camp & BBQ. With a food truck selling burgers and containers offering refreshments, as well as paid parking options, it serves as a convenient launching point for your SUP adventures.

Cautionary Note: Fishing boats regularly pass through the area. SUP, kayak, and all kinds of watercraft must stay far away from Nogita harbor and its entrance.

SUP in Itoshima

Niginohama / 幣の浜
Stretching between Nogita and Keya, this is one of the longest sandy beaches in Itoshima. While it currently lacks nearby cafes or shops, the beach is a summer hotspot for swimmers and surfers alike. Its straight, expansive layout doesn’t offer much scenic variety, but it becomes an ideal playground for SUP surfing when small, rolling waves are present. Parking is limited and mostly free. Don’t miss the stunning sunsets, which are a highlight of this location! Map:

SUP in Itoshima

Keya Beach / 芥屋海水浴場
Keya Beach is one of the few officially designated swimming areas in Itoshima, making it one of the safest spots for stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). During the summer, some beach huts, known as “uminoe,” offer SUP board rentals. However, it’s worth noting that the SUP experience here is more geared toward leisure rather than sport. Nonetheless, paddling around the bay offers beautiful views. The added amenities like beach huts, showers, and most importantly, ample designated parking, make Keya a reliable choice for SUP enthusiasts. Map:

Fukunoura Beach/ 福の浦
We haven’t seen many people using SUP boards at this location, but it seems to be a charming spot. The area features several small, protected crescent-shaped coves, perfect for a serene paddling experience. Facing directly west, the beach offers the opportunity for spectacular sunsets. Toward the north end, there’s at least one large café where you can grab refreshments. This location is on the way to Maita no Shio, the famous traditional salt factory. If you’re an experienced and strong paddler, you could even make your way up to the factory. Others may prefer to combine their day on the water with a visit to this local landmark. Parking along the coastal road is non-existent, but there are some paid parking lots near the entrance road to Maita no Shio. Map:

Cautionary Note: Parking is strictly prohibited along the side of the road in this area. If you SUP here, use only designated parking spaces.

Dainyu / 大入
On the eastern side of Dainyu, you’ll find Western Marine, one of the shops we recommend for board rentals. The nearby cove is well-protected, making it suitable for flatwater paddling. However, the area is not very spacious, so it’s primarily recommended for novices renting boards from Western Marine. On the western side of Dainyu, experienced paddlers might find interest, especially if they are staying at the Hideaway Sunset Camp campground. Map:

Anego Beach / 姉子の浜
Located on the far western edge of Itoshima, this long, straight beach is a popular surf point and is known for its waves. If you’re looking to enjoy SUP surfing and the conditions are right, this could be your ideal location. The area also offers free parking and rest areas equipped with vending machines and toilets, making it quite convenient. Map:

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