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Itoshima was love at first sight! I discovered it back in 1990 and enjoyed it as a place to relax on weekends. Now it’s home, and I can’t think of a better place. Originally from Canada, I’m the publisher of Fukuoka Now and producer of Kyushu Live.

Itoshima Now Member - Nick

Born in Fukuoka, she loves both the countryside and the city. General Manager of “Fukuoka Now,” an international media company that provides information from both the perspective of knowledgeable residents and those from elsewhere, including overseas.

Itoshima Now - Emiko

A former reporter for the Yomiuri Shimbun and Kyodo News. After moving to Itoshima City with my wife Miho (Layla), he began his career as a photographer, taking photos of people, scenery, and products based in Itoshima. He worked with the organizing committee and was deputy photo manager at the swimming venue for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Itoshima Now Member - Seiji

Moved to Keya, Itoshima City from Tokyo in 2011. Formerly a reporter for Nishinippon Shimbun, mainly writing about food education, childbirth, and local articles. As a freelance writer, she covers people, things, and events in Itoshima and is an advisor for the Itoshima City Mama Writer Training Course. Her family consists of two children, her husband, and an outdoor cat.

Itoshima Now Member - Layla