Toraki Root

Toraki grows a wide variety of colorful, pesticide-free vegetables in small quantities. The vegetables carefully nurtured by farm manager Makoto Yamamoto and his wife, Waka Yamamoto, who handles sales and public relations, are so vibrant and flavorful that even top chefs fly in to see their fields.

Their dream is to connect with a wide range of vegetable eaters and get them interested in the fields. They want to forge a path together with their fellow farmers that will bring happiness to both the people who grow vegetables and the people who eat them. To visualize the passion of the producers on the “other side” of vegetables, in November 2020, the Yamamotos opened Toraki Root, a hub of exchange that doubles as a workshop, in the Shimakishi district of Itoshima City.

Itoshima Toraki’s organic vegetables 糸島の野菜やトラキの無農薬野菜

The Toraki Root vegetable market is open on the first and third Saturdays of every month, except for March and April when vegetables are out of season. Farmers in the Itoshima area who share a desire to seriously produce delicious vegetables gather together to sell fresh seasonal produce at the market. Eventually, the Yamamotos would like to hold events that connect the vegetable growers directly with their consumers.

You can check Toraki’s Instagram page for the latest information on Toraki Root, events and more.

Itoshima Now – People “Makoto & Waka Yamamoto – Toraki Vegetables”

Itoshima organic vegetables at Traki Root 糸島の野菜やトラキの直売所トラキルート

Toraki Root
930 Shima-kishi, Itoshima City

Itoshima organic vegetables at Traki Root 糸島の野菜やトラキの直売所トラキルート

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Published: Apr 15, 2022 / Last Updated: Apr 15, 2022