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Itoshima Children’s Cooking Classes

Shoko Sato, a culinary researcher from Itoshima, is deeply involved in enhancing the value of Itoshima’s local fish. Her inspiration comes, in part, from her grandfather, who was a fisherman in Himeshima.

One of Sato’s main focuses is “Itoshima Children’s Cooking Classes.” These classes are held at a community center adjacent to the school, allowing children to stop by after school. They offer a wide-ranging menu for the children to experience, from miso soup and seafood chili to okonomiyaki. The food prepared in the class is taken home to serve as the family’s dinner.

Sato Shoko, 佐藤彰子 - 漁と食卓をつなぐ料理研究家

“In addition to simply teaching cooking skills to the children, I also aim to communicate about the region and producers behind the ingredients. Fostering connections and a sense of gratitude through cooking is one of the primary goals of this cooking class,” says Sato.

Sato Shoko, 佐藤彰子 - 漁と食卓をつなぐ料理研究家

Sato Shoko, 佐藤彰子 - 漁と食卓をつなぐ料理研究家

The cooking classes are divided by age, with a limited capacity for each venue. Those wishing to participate can check the details on Sato’s website.

Children’s class (from 4 years old to elementary school students): 4 times a month
• Tuesday: Minakaze Community Center
• Wednesday: Kaya Community Center
• Thursday: Harukaze Community Center

Middle school students and above (adults can also participate) class: twice a month
• Thursday: Harukaze Community Center

Hosted by Shoko Sato
“Itoshima Children’s Cooking Classes,” “Middle School Students’ Cooking Classes”

Shoko Sato Interview Article – Fishing, Family, and Food: Shoko Sato’s Culinary Mission in Itoshima

Sato Shoko, 佐藤彰子 - 漁と食卓をつなぐ料理研究家

Itoshima City - 糸島市
Published: Aug 4, 2023 / Last Updated: Aug 4, 2023