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The Forest Pot by moqu c0mo

The “Forest Pot” is a simple-looking flowerpot hollowed out of a tree standing in the forest. It is made by Yuichi Komoda of “moqu c0mo,” a woodworking artist and lumberjack who takes care of the mountains. The pots are made from trees cut down in a process called “thinning” to thin out dense trees to protect the health of the mountains.

“I want to preserve the scenery of Itoshima for the next generation. I want to do what I can do myself, even if it is a small thing. Hollowing the trees with a chainsaw is also done in the forest so that the sawdust can be returned to the soil and re-circulated as nourishment for the forest.”

The “forest pots” born in the forest are practical items connecting the town and the forest. Purchasing one is a small way to support the forests of Itoshima.

Sizes range from 12 to 17 cm in both diameter and height, and each pot costs ¥1,000 (tax not included). Since no chemicals or paints are used, the surface skin gradually peels off. No two are alike, and the aging process is an additional enjoyment.

Wooden Craft Studio moqu c0mo

Where to buy
Itoshima Kurashi x Kokonoki (3-9-1 Maebaru Chuo, Itoshima City)

Maebaru - 前原エリア
Published: Jun 1, 2022 / Last Updated: Jun 1, 2022