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Shiraito Udon Yasuji

Located just before the turnoff to Shiraito Falls, one of Itoshima’s most popular attractions, Yasushi Maeda’s family and staff grow 100% organic vegetables. Last month they opened an udon restaurant to showcase these veggies. With the mission of popularizing organic vegetables “that taste like vegetables did before”, Maeda will soon run workshops for professional cooks (and children), open a cake shop, a vegetable canning business, and a guest house where people (including foreigners) can learn about organic farming in Itoshima. In the meantime, drop by for their delicious Sanuki-style udon with veggies. Since we reported, the Mori no Okashi-ya Midori no Oto (confectionery shop) opened, where you can enjoy tarts and chiffon made from fruits from the nearby Shiraito forest.

Itoshima Shitaito Udon Yasuji  - Yasuji Maeda's Family, 糸島白糸のうどんやすじのオーナー前田ファミリー

Itoshima Shiraito Udon Yasuji - Sanuki-style udon with organic veggies, 糸島白糸うどんやすじ、無農薬野菜うどん

Itoshima Shiraito Udon Yasuji - Fresh noodles made from Japanese wheat with a firm texture, 糸島白糸うどんやすじの、国産小麦を使ったコシがある生麺

Interior at Itoshima Shiraito Udon Noodle Yasuji, 糸島白糸うどんやすじの店内

Exterior at Itoshima Shiraito Udon Noodle Yasuji, 糸島白糸うどんやすじの外観

Shiraito Udon Yasuji
• Address: 561 Shiraito, Itoshima City, Fukuoka
• Tel: 092-324-3883
• Open: 11:00~15:00 (closes when noodles run out.)
• Closed: Mon. (open if hol., falls on Mon.)

Shiraito, Raizan - 白糸・雷山エリア
Published: Aug 29, 2018 / Last Updated: Mar 23, 2022