The Yamasue headquarters and factory are located near the Maebaru Interchange.

Yamasue, やますえ

There is a direct sales shop on site where you can purchase their main product of mentaiko, which is known throughout the Kanto region as “Itoshima Mentaiko”, as well as other carefully selected products from Itoshima like sake from the Shiraito Sake Brewery.


Yamasue is also making efforts to develop products using wild sea bream from Itoshima, which boasts the largest catch volume in Japan. In addition to ochazuke and furikake, the company’s Dashi Soup Tai is a popular souvenir that can be easily used as soup stock.


You can also purchase other products for home cooking, like their dashi soup made with local Itoshima oysters.


To convey Yamasue’s commitment to mentaiko, the company also offers tours of its mentaiko factory. Reservations are required in advance and can be made by phone or through the company’s website. On the tour, you can see how mentaiko is made, and you even get to try some for yourself.

523-1 Taku, Itoshima City, Fukuoka
• Closed: Sun., hol.
• Open:10:00~17:00

Maebaru - 前原エリア
Published: Dec 23, 2022 / Last Updated: Dec 23, 2022