Shiraito Falls Opening Festival

START: Jun 10, 2023 END: Jun 10, 2023

Shiraito Falls, a stunning scenic spot designated by the prefecture, is nestled in the beautiful foothills of Itoshima. The season to visit this captivating site kicks off with a traditional Shinto ritual. This is followed by engaging cultural activities such as somen nagashi, where participants try to catch flowing noodles, and mochimaki, a fun event where rice cakes are tossed into the crowd. Fishing is another popular activity for visitors to enjoy in this serene locale.

Adding to the allure of this place, around 100,000 hydrangeas bloom in vibrant colors from late June to early July. Witnessing the falls surrounded by these blooming hydrangeas makes for an unforgettable sight. Whether you’re a lover of natural beauty, interested in traditional Japanese culture, or simply looking for a tranquil retreat, Shiraito Falls offers something for everyone.


• 6/10 (Sat.)
• Reception: 10:00~, ceremony: 10:30~
• Free entry (somen nagashi ¥500)
• Shiraito Falls Fureai no Sato
460-6 Shiraito, Itoshima City, Fukuoka

Shiraito Falls Opening Festival

Shiraito Falls Opening Festival

Published: May 31, 2023 / Last Updated: May 31, 2023