Sake Brewery Opening 2023 at Suginoya

START: Jan 28, 2023 END: Feb 26, 2023

Hamachi Shuzo, a sake brewery established in 1870, produces sake using Itoshima-grown rice (Yamada Nishiki) and subterranean water from Mount Raizan, and also produced Fukuoka’s first microbrewery beer, Suginoya, in 1996. Every Late-Jan., the brewery holds its annual brewery opening. Freshly squeezed sake, which is sold only at the brewery opening, and Saison beer, which has a gorgeous aroma and is mainly made from “Hoshun” malt produced in Itoshima, will be sold. Products unique to sake breweries, such as bagels and manju made from sake lees, are also popular, and this year, hot dogs with sake lees baguettes are scheduled to make a new appearance.

Sake Brewery Opening 2022 at Suginoya, Itoshima / 糸島の杉能舎蔵開き2022

• 1/28 (Sat.) ~ 2/26 (Sun.) *every Sat., Sun., hol. during the period
• 10:00~17:00
• Free entry
• Suginoya
1442 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka

Published: Jan 19, 2023 / Last Updated: Jan 19, 2023