Itoshima Citizen’s Festival 2023

START: Sep 30, 2023 END: Oct 1, 2023

For both the residents of Itoshima and those who simply love the area, the Itoshima Citizens’ Handmade Festival is an event not to be missed. Known for its abundance of delicious local produce, the festival boasts direct-sales booths from local farmers and fishermen. Expect to find everything from fresh vegetables and seafood to cafe goodies, sweets, and other local specialties. Popular shops and community groups from Itoshima will also be present.

In addition, various organizations active in the Itoshima area come together to offer unique experiences and goods. For example, there’s a lemonade stand operated by the “Parents Association of Kyushu University Hospital Pediatric Medical Center,” a booth selling folk crafts by the International Exchange Association, and even a chance to interact with guide dogs from the Guide Dog Association. There’s also an opportunity for a mud ball-making experience provided by the local plasterers’ union.

The festival’s stage won’t be quiet, either, with performances like Itoshima Nijō Kizuna Daiko drumming bringing life and excitement to the venue. It’s a community festival in the truest sense, offering something for everyone while showcasing the best of what Itoshima has to offer.

Itoshima Citizen’s Festival 2023, 糸島市民祭り

• 9/30 (Sat.), 10/1 (Sun.)
• 9:30~16:30 (10/1: ~16:00)
• Free entry
• Shima Central Park
1 Shimahatsu, Itoshima City, Fukuoka

Itoshima Citizen’s Festival 2023, 糸島市民祭り

Itoshima Citizen’s Festival 2023, 糸島市民祭り

Published: Sep 1, 2023 / Last Updated: Sep 1, 2023