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Itoshima Explorer’s Map

Itoshima boasts a diverse array of sights, activities, and dining and relaxation spots. Use this map to independently discover Itoshima and create unforgettable memories! To kick-start your journey, we’ve designed three exemplary full-day routes. Click on the photos or links to access in-depth guides crafted by Itoshima Now’s team of international local experts.

Itoshima Explorer's Map / 糸島マップView or Download a PDF map

Itoshima on Foot: Ocean, mountains, farmland and beaches at a leisurely pace
In this article, titled “Itoshima on Foot,” we introduce the first in a series of special features designed to help visitors explore and appreciate the abundant nature of Itoshima City. Renowned for its vibrant green-blue sea and pristine sandy beaches, Itoshima also boasts serene satoyama landscapes, where the foothills blend into fertile agricultural land. These areas are home to vast fields growing rice, fruits, and vegetables. The itinerary we present is perfect for those without a car, or perhaps even more enjoyable because of it! Read the full guide with photos and map here: https://itoshima-now.com/en/on-foot-fukuyoshi/

Itoshima Explorer's Map

Itoshima by E-bike: Country roads, seaside roads, and amazing views
Are you ready for an unforgettable cycling adventure in Itoshima? We have meticulously planned and tested a 41 km course specifically tailored for e-bikes. Although it takes roughly three hours to complete without breaks, it’s recommended to allot six hours to fully appreciate the stunning scenery, refreshing sea breeze, and delectable local foods. This route offers both awe-inspiring views and a stimulating challenge for seasoned cyclists. E-bikes serve as an excellent alternative for those who wish to cover greater distances, effortlessly ascend hills, and explore Itoshima in a more eco-friendly and quiet manner compared to a car. Read the full guide with photos and map here: https://itoshima-now.com/en/itoshima-by-e-bike/

Itoshima by E-Bike!

Itoshima by Car: Exploring local artisans and stunning landscapes
Itoshima is more than just a stopover or side trip; it’s a destination in itself. Although the heart of Itoshima City is well-connected by numerous roads and a railway, the picturesque northern seaside and the charming southern rural areas are best explored by car, as they are less accessible. In this guide, Itoshima Now presents a day trip driving itinerary that encompasses both the mountains and the sea, along with visits to the workshops of local artisans thriving in Itoshima… Read the full guide with photos and map here: https://itoshima-now.com/en/itoshima-by-car/

Itoshima Explorer's Map

Itoshima City - 糸島市
Published: Mar 15, 2023 / Last Updated: Nov 26, 2023